ReWorld Online is a sandbox MMO where you can explore both private and official world. Create or join a guild to conquer new territories in a game with a fast combat system that values your skills.

Character Customization

Earn skill points as you progress and spend them among more than 20 different talents and choose the right equipment to fit your play-style!

Player driven economy

Players actions will define the world economy and the rarity of ressources in certain region.

Modding Support

With the mods (made by us or the community) you will be able to add or Remove spells, skills, creature and create new mechanics. And don’t forget to share what you create with the world.

Reactive combat system

Combats are reactive and inspired by MOBAs. Your skills will be rewarded and teamwork will have much more impact than you think. Teamwork is the key to victory!

Massive Open World

No instanced dungeon or area. Explore the lands and the sea.
Some boats will be reserved to guilds and require more than one player to sail.

Our desire is to build ReWorld Online with the community’s feedback and for this reason, we have divided the project into three individual modules. We feedback, you get to play sooner!

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