The Modbox MMO

Modding video games has never been so popular and we love that trend.
This is why we have devoted ourselves to create the tools you need to make the best of your imagination.
We believe the next generation of MMO is not about what the studios can give to you, but about what you can contribute. Because a community gathering around an idea can achieve anything!

Be the game master of your world

ReWorld Online is a free to play sandbox MMO. We create the tools so you can build your own world, modify it, and share it with thousands of players. It has a full player driven economy and it focuses on the freedom to do what you want in a world that rewards risks.

Custom Private Server

Create a world with endless possibilities in ReWorld Online. The only limitation is your imagination. Build with your dreams in mind.

Procedural World

Every world is unique to give you a sense of discovery. Find treasures, rare ingredients, and loot scattered all around the world. Lose yourself!

Modding Support

Add or remove spells, skills, creatures or new mechanics. We create the tools and will collaborate with the developers to make that task as easy as possible.

PvP / full loot

There will be no world auction house and the worlds will be PvP/full loot to foster a good feeling of risk/reward and teamwork.

Like a crowdfunding campaign

Our desire is to build ReWorld Online with the community‚Äôs feedback. We have divided the project into smaller modules which will be a complete game of it own. By doing this we get to finance the main project, have feedback from you and you get to play sooner.